Are you thinking about selling or purchasing a car, motorcycle or ship equipment? Then Castle Group Trading is the place to be. Our aim is to facilitate the trade of for example cars, motor bikes or any  ship equipment that you might need.


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Ship Equipment

If you need help finding ship equipment? Then Castle Trading is the right place for all your needs. Castle Trading Group specializes in the trade of the following products:


  • Shutters
  • Deck machinery
  • Frames
  • Ship unloading systems
  • Rudder systems
  • Fisheries and offshore
  • Steering gears
  • Tween decks and grain bulk head systems
  • Gantry cranes
  • Loose parts

Motor Vehicles

You have set your sight on a German occasion and you want to import it. We can help you! Or you are looking for a car to import but don't know where to start? Below you will find websites which will help you with your search.

BMW Gebrauchtwagenbörse


Obviously there are more websites where you can find cars.

For Sale

Here you will find different vehicles and equipments that are offered for sale.


There are no products for sale.

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