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Castle Warehousing offers storage services that are always reliable, direct and fast. Our storage department is available 24/7 and 365 days a year.


The always present short lines of communications makes Castle Warehousing one of the best storage partners in the Netherlands.


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Archive storage

Castle Warehousing makes both standard and digital archiving possible in a reliable manner. With a separate room for archiving, you are designated your own area with its own archiving space. By using your own indexing system your documents are always safe and organized.


Archiving at Castle Warehousing is safe and reliable. For example, we distribute a certificate that offers only the holder after providing adequate identification passage to the documents being stored.

During office hours, you are always free to stop by and retrieve documents from or add them to your archive. Outside of office hours this can also, but only by appointment.


Bonded warehouse

At Castle Warehousing we also provide Bonded Warehousing services. Goods under the customs control can be held at our facilities until the duties on theses goods are paid for. Good destined for re-export or whose destination is not yet established can also be held in our warehouse. For further information on bonded warehousing please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


To learn more about customs and storage guidelines for companies? Please visit the tax customs supervision for businesses.


Dangerous goods

When storing hazardous goods, safety is our number one priority. So we give great importance the proper storage of these hazardous goods as they can a risk to health, safety and the environment. Our storage facilities meet the strictest requirements.


Outdoor storage area

If you would like to rent an outdoor storage area, this is also possible at Castle Warehousing. We offer you the opportunity to rent a space on our spacious outdoor area.

Static storage

Do you have goods that are not needed often or quickly? Maybe the Static storage at Castle Warehousing is the service for you.

Castle Warehousing offers static storage that is safe and efficient. Your goods are made available within 3 hours. Static storage is the perfect solution for long term storage. Let us take care of your storage worries.


Dynamic storage

Castle Warehousing offers an ideal solution for goods that need transporting. The dynamic storage services at Castle Warehousing is trustworthy, safe and will remove any of your worries.


The dynamic storage services at Castle Warehousing is also ideal for goods that need fast transferring after arrival. Castle Warehousing does not only offer you a safe and accessible storage facility, but our team also takes care of the goods’ re-packaging, relabelling, and order picking.


With dynamic storage at Castle Warehousing your goods are always available for transport when you need them to be.


Container stuffing and stripping

Castle Warehousing has experience in the packing and unpacking of containers. Our employees handle all goods with the utmost care.


What Castle Warehousing offers you:


  • Stuffing: The safe placement of goods regardless of the state of the delivered good (package, unpackaged, pallet).
  • Stripping: The removal of goods from containers and their preparation for storage or transport.


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